Bed bugs have somewhat flat and oval shaped bodies with their heads broadly attached to the body. Their color is typically reddish brown to mahogany with a more reddish appearance after a recent blood meal. Adult bed bugs have the vestiges of wings called wing pads, but they do not fully develop into functional wings and therefore cannot fly.  The adult bed bug is approx. 0.18 inches, 4.5mm and compare to the size of an apple seed.


The female bed bug deposits between 2-4 eggs each day and these eggs hatch between 7-14 days. These newly hatched young are called nymphs and are elongate opaque white and about 1 ml in size. They go through several molts to reach adulthood with each one requiring a blood meal prior to the next stage (preferably from humans). The average life span of the bed bug is 6-12 months and they will feed every 10 days or so during this time. Bed bugs can survive many months without a blood meal once they reach adulthood. Bed bugs intent to congregate around beds which is the reason for their name.


​Our expert team of exterminators conduct a visual thorough inspection which includes looking through the entire unit (couches, beds, sofas, etc.) for any signs of bed bugs. We alternatively also offer the option of K9 inspection.

Zilch Exterminator specializes in bed bugs prevention, treatments and maintenance. A bed bug treatment includes an initial and a follow up, which in most of our cases are sufficient to eradicate the bed bugs. We educate and answer all questions that might arise and provide flexible service time based on customers’ needs. We utilize a variety of the most updated high quality materials and equipment to ensure that homes and properties remain bed bug free. We provide customers with a preparation sheet to enable proper preparation. Additionally, we provide an email with all products that will be used with EPA#s.

INITIAL TREATMENT:  The most common way we treat bed bugs is with Temprid SC. We spray the entire apartment, base boards, couches, mattress, box springs dresser, drawers, all cracks and crevices and everywhere we suspect bed bugs might hide. Additionally, we place some dust in all outlets which disenables the bed bugs to mature and grow. This treatment is most frequently used, outstandingly efficient and omits no odor. During the time of treatment the tenants have to be outside the house until the product dries up, which can take up to 4 hours. The residual of the chemical lasts up to 6 months.

FOLLOW UP: We conduct the same treatment as the initial, however, we utilize different products to bring out the best treatment. Also, different preps are required.


Our go green option is a treatment approach WITHOUT chemicals. It is equivalently cost effective, extremely effective and a great approach to go natural. It is preferable to stay outside while the treatment is done, however the tenants are not required to remain outside of their units once the treatment is complete. The residual of this product last up to 30 days.

PREVENTIVE BED BUG TREATMENT: ​Early detection of bed bugs can save you  lots of time, money and headaches. Zilch offers a preventive bed bug treatment if stains of bed bugs are found or if you feel bitten but bed bugs aren’t present. In this case, we propose a onetime treatment which eradicates and destroys the potential bed bugs allowing you to carry on without the hassle and stress.


Bed Bug Prevention: always be on lookout for bb when not home. Its always good to vacume the house to prevent bed bugs.


​In compliance with our rules and regulations, We provide a 3 months guarantee for all BB jobs we complete.